Buy N' Sell on Africa's Online Market Place

Accelron Buy N' Sell is a platform that provides users with a unique opportunity to advertise their product on the web to reach a a very wide audience as far as the whole world. Users know about your products from across the globe from their computers, tablets or phone at home or in the office. This unique opportunity promotes trade within the community or city to city as well as selling to different states or countries hence improving your sales and presence. 
Potential buyers have the opportunity to view your products and know about your product quality and be able to compare prices without the need to go from shop to shop looking for products or comparing prices.
Some potential buyers do not know about the existence of your business or the direction to your business and Accelron Buy N' Sell will give the potential buyer with your location for easy access and contacts for communication.
Accelron Buy N' Sell also provides sellers with an opportunity to sell and transact without the physical interaction of individual and allow businesses or individuals to receive payment and send goods between themselves. Please read Terms of use
Accelron Buy N' Sell has different packages tailor made to suite the various customers needs. The following are the Advertising categories and Promotion types:
1) Free Ads:- Customers place the advert for free. The advert will be displayed for free subject to Terms of use
2) Paid ads:- Customers place the advert for a small fee. The advert will be displayed for a longer period as per your need.
3)Promotion "Top":-Your ad will appear on top of the listings in the category you’ve posted.
4)Promotion "Bold":-Your ad will be made bold, drawing greater attention and more views.
5)Promotion "Background":-Your ad will be highlighted, drawing greater attention and more views.
6)Promotion "Special":-Your ad will be displayed with a golden star, drawing greater attention and more views
7)Promotion "Border":-Your ad will be be displayed with a border, drawing greater attention and more views.
Accelron Buy N Sell is comitted to providing unique business experience through provision of affordable rates at the same time ensuring that many people see and buy your products.
Go ahead advertise with Us and get your product sold fast and easy. Accelron Buy N' Sell. Africa's Online Market Place